Illustrator Tips & Tricks

One VERY handy thing to know: when resizing elements, ever had it so that your strokes don’t resize properly with the rest of the image?

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 10.11.35

If you go to Illustrator > Preferences > General

Then ensure that ‘Scale Strokes & Effects’ is checked so that when you resize, it will resize your strokes as well, solving that annoying problem of images being messed up! You’d think as we’re dealing with resizable vector images that this would be automatically on, or when items were grouped it would happen automatically, but hey ho, very simple when you know how. Have a play around with the preferences, it can really make your workflow much better.

Will publish some more tips here when I find ones that don’t seem too obvious and are useful…


Creating a Service or Controller in AngularJS

Handy to know, writing here as a note to remember:

yo angular:service myService

yo angular:controller myController

Handy to know for creating default controllers and services according to Angular. By inputting ‘yo’ you can just access to generator and set it up, or access other generators.

For bower, another handy command:

bower install packageName --save

This will install whatever package name you specify, as well as placing the installed package into the bower.json dependencies list. Saves you doing this yourself, as sometimes you may forget, your program won’t work, you spend ages looking for a solution then find that you forgot to add the dependency…so yeah, use this instead.